The spring is the heart of the matter.

Make yourself comfortable!

Once a regional supplier of spring units to the local upholstery industry, Hoffmann has grown into a global provider of upholstery springs for seating manufacturers and makers of reclining furniture worldwide. Our assembly line is set up to handle your special requests so that we can also create individual pieces.

We make all kinds of spring systems for you, from individual springs to chair seats for high-quality dining chairs, cylindrical spring units, individual Bonnell springs and Bonnell spring units. We produce our pocket spring units as a micro pocket spring core and as spring units with barrel-shaped pockets for mattresses.

Did you know that Hoffmann was the first manufacturer worldwide to series produce pocket spring units with heights starting from 40 mm as early as 1994? We even secured the property rights with a patent. The micro pocket spring core was born.

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